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What World Spend On Chocolate?

Chocolate is yet a Luxury for most of world population. Luxury products usually occupies last place on priority list of spend. Here is the general priority of spend starting from highest to lowest priority.
1. Food
2. Clothes
3. Housing
4. Commutation/Travel
5. Entertainment
6. Luxury – And chocolate comes here.

Population of world is more than 7 billion.
World Consumption of tea is Average 0.3kg per person per year.
At the same time world consumes average 1.3kg coffee per person per year.
As Tea and Coffee are necessities and cannot be categorized as Luxury, Spend on these is part of monthly budget of majority households in the world.
Real surprise is here.  World consumes Chocolate, a luxury, at an average of 1.25kg per person per year. This is shocking when we compare consumption of tea/coffee with chocolate.  Though consumption of Europe and Americas is very high compared to Asia, Asians are increasingly buying chocolates these days.
World spend big wallet of $ 83 Billion on chocolate annually. That really tells the story of chocolate craving of the world.
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Eat Chocolate and Stay SLIM

Yes, there is good news for chocolate lovers. Eating chocolate prevent you from being obese. So, if you want to stay slim, eat chocolate; suggests a recent study.



A new research demonstrates that a higher chocolate consumption was associated with lower total and central fatness. This research is carried out by researchers of Department of Medical Physiology, University of Granada, Spain. These researchers studied chocolate consumption and body mass index (BMI) of 1500 young people of the age group between 12.5 years to 17.5 years.

Though, chocolate has more calories, it increase metabolism and that result in low body fat. You can now enjoy this favorite delicacy, at the same time reduce your weight. Isn’t it great news?

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Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Here are some health benefits of Chocolate.
  • Chocolate consumption creates more energy and aid to increase concentration.
  • Chocolate is said to have anti-aging agents.
  • Chocolates can increase brain power.
  • Chocolate reduces depression.
  • Chocolate can reduce cough.
  • Chocolate consumption can improve your mood.
  • Chocolate contains antioxidents. Antioxidents keep you young.
But yes, everything should be consumed in limit and chocolate is no exception to that. So eat chocolate and be happy.
You can buy or gift chocolates online here.
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Diwali Celebrations : Health and Safety

Diwali is festival of Lights. Celebration mood will be at its peak during Diwali. This is an excellent annual opportunity to People of India to forget their sorrows, daily tensions and sadness. This is time to indulge in color of happiness, joy and love. Diwali is the occasion when family gathers together in the color of oneness and integrity. It is time to share our joy with friends, relatives and society. In short, Diwali is a social festival which rejuvenates us.
Here is my attempt to put some light on different aspects of Diwali. It’s brief guide about How to celebrate Diwali with keeping health and safety aspects in mind. Here I have tried to provide guidelines and suggestions about how to make this Diwali more joyful and achieve good health. Here is point by point guide about Diwali in general.
Everybody wants to celebrate Diwali with family. Most of us stay away from family and need to travel to our hometowns. If traveling tickets are not booked in advance, you may not get tickets, ticket costs increase or you have to travel by risky low grade traveling means. So first thing is Book traveling tickets in advance to avoid last minute rush. Be careful while traveling as airports, train stations, bus stations, buses, trains, flights, private travels; everything will be crowded during this festive season. Remember to book your tickets for return journey too.
Diwali Bath
Most of us don’t have access to spa’s and massage centers. At the same time it is not affordable to most of Indians. Diwali bath is an opportunity for us to rejuvenate our body with minimum expense. Early morning, before bath, family members can have good body massage. It is practice in India that family members massage each other’s body with perfumed oils. Use best quality oil for body massage. Make sure that there are no chemical perfumes added to oil. There is tradition of using natural rejuvenating herbs for Diwali bath. Make their best use. Make sure that you are buying best quality herbs and bath mixtures. Market is full of low grade Diwali bath products, so be careful while buying. Sandal soaps of best brand and quality are good.
Diyas & Lanterns
As Diwali is festival of light, Diyas and Lanterns are integral part of it. Please buy environment friendly Lanterns and reuse those every Diwali. Many normal and designer Diyas are available in market. Prefer earthen Diyas.  After Diwali, pack these Diyas and keep safe in your home and use for next Diwali. Use good oil for Diyas, If oil is good, it won’t create pollution in your home and environment. MOST IMPORTANT: Keep Diyas out of reach of kids.
Diwali is incomplete without sweets and snacks. We invite friends and relatives and offer snacks and sweets to them during Diwali. I suggest to make most of snacks and sweets at home. During festive season, sweet ingredients will be in huge demand and so food contamination is everywhere. Every Diwali, we read the news about milk, ghee and mava contamination. These contaminated foods are extremely harmful. Those who cannot make sweets at home, can buy it from trustworthy and reputed sweet shops. You can give a try to chocolates as well.
What kids like most about Diwali is firecrackers. Please don’t buy noise making stuff. Also don’t buy items that make lots of smoke. Remember, the gases created by firecrackers are very harmful for you and your kids. MOST IMPORTANT: Elder or adult members of family  should always escort kids while enjoying this fun. Don’t do risky stunts.
Diwali Gifts
Gifting has its own importance during Diwali. There is tradition of gifting sweets and souvenirs during Diwali. I suggest buying useful gift articles. If you are sending gifts to people staying in other city, make sure to send it in advance. Courier companies also have more traffic during festive season. Make sure your packing is best, especially in case when you are sending sweets. Also read courier company terms carefully before sending the gift. Many courier companies don’t allow sending food stuff by parcel. Please don’t accept unsolicited parcels. You can make sure by calling sender that the parcel is sent by him and it is for you. Don’t accept any parcel from unknown person.
Diwali Chocolates can make excellent gift. You can buy delicious and special Diwali chocolate gifts online.
Wish you all, Very Happy, Safe, Prosperous and Joyful Diwali.